Mandatory Water Rationing Order




June 11, 2019





Due to the damage to district water lines caused by the recent floods, Rural Water District No.3, Rogers County, OK, is at this moment implementing MANDATORY WATER RATIONING for all Non-essential water usage: e.g., landscaping, yards, trees, gardens, car washing, and pools.  The General Conditions causing the mandatory water rationing are:


  1. The undamaged water lines are not capable of supplying the volume of water for normal use at this time.
  2. Currently, storage facilities, (Keetonville Water Tower, West Foyil Water Tower, and the East Foyil Water Tower), are very low, and water available for household use and fire protection is jeopardized.
  3. Without immediate reduction of water consumption, the entire District could find itself in a very dangerous position in regards to health and public safety.
  4. The District needs everyone in the affected area to conserve as much as possible and adhere to the mandatory water rationing plan to keep the water flowing and keep the District’s patrons in a suitable supply of potable water.
  5. The District desperately needs everyone to remain calm, conserve as much as possible, and adhere to the mandatory water rationing plan.


Non-complying customers will be written a warning for the first offense. Subsequent offenders risk having their water shut off at the meter. The situation is extremely serious and if the mandatory water rationing is not honored, and the current conditions remain, the District will have to curtail further usage by further and more stringent rationing which would ban all non-essential water use, implement fines and turn off meters for any non-complying customers.  Without the cooperation of all patrons in the affected area, the water supply of the District could reach critically low levels, affecting potable water supplies and water available for fire protection. If everyone in the affected area conserves, hopefully, we can get through this difficult time.


Thank you for your cooperation.

Everyone in the area outlined on the map is included in the RWD 3 Mandatory Water Rationing. Not outlined on the map: Everyone that is served by RWD 3, north and east of the end of the lines shown, going toward Foyil to the Mayes County line are included.  To view the area map, click here.