Your Rural Water Dist. 3 Rogers County staff is always here to help you. Whether you need assistance with a bill or a question about your usage, we are here to serve you. Stop by and see us during our office hours!

District Manager - Ricky D. Stull


  • Graduate of Business Management Central State University Edmond, OK

1978 - 1987

  • Oil and Gas Landman
  • Phillips Petroleum
  • City Service Oil and Gas


  • OSP/Wiltel

July 2005 - Present

  • District Manager - Rural Water District # 3 Rogers County
  • Member of Rural Water District No. 3, Rogers County since 1989.

Who We Are - Office Personnel

Donna joined RWD #3 in December, 1993.  Donna sells taps, processes transfers, processes work orders and serves in many other office duties. 

Esther joined RWD #3 in March, 1998.  Esther sells taps, processes transfers, handles developments and extensions and serves in many other office duties. 

Bonnie joined RWD #3 in August, 2000.  Bonnie is the Districts bookkeeper.  She handles all the insurance and financial duties of the District.

Lisa joined RWD #3 in March, 2006.  Lisa sells new taps, processes transfers, submits locates and gathers all information for accounts payable and receivable for the monthly board meetings. 

Bobbie joined RWD #3 in February, 2009.  She oversees the website maintenance, all online transactions, ACH payments, all online customer service, Facebook maintenance, ITron, FDM, FCS and MVRS maintenance, and serves in many other office duties. 

Jill joined RWD #3 in November, 2017.  In addition to being our cheerful front desk receptionist Jill receives payments, sells taps, processes transfers and serves in many other office duties.


Who We Are - Field Personnel

Steve Newcomb
Steve Newcomb is our Plant/Field Supervisor.  He had 5 years previous employment with RWD #3 and returned in January of 2006. He has worked his way to this position from a field worker to our first water treatment plant superintendent and now supervises both the plant and field workers for the District. He came to the District with a Bachelors degree in Engineering Technology from Oklahoma State University and over 20 years of experience in the Nuclear Power industry.

Derrick joined RWD #3 in May, 2000 as a field / plant operator.

Roger joined RWD #3 in March, 2004 as a field / plant operator.

James joined RWD #3 in March, 2010 as a field / plant operator.

Travis joined RWD #3 in September, 2015 as a field / plant operator.

Bailey joined RWD #3 in April, 2016 as a field / plant operator.

Matt joined RWD #3 in April, 2017 as a field / plant operator.

Business Personnel

Donna Sells taps, processes transfers & processes work orders
Esther Sells taps, processes transfers & Developments/Extensions
Bonnie District Bookkeeper
Lisa Sells taps, processes transfers & AP/AR Reporting
Bobbie Web Administrator, online payments, all online customer service, Facebook maintenance, ACH, ITron, FDM, FCS & MVRS maintenance.
Jill Receptionist, accepts payments, sells taps & processes transfers.
Ricky D. Stull District Manager  

Operations Personnel

Plant/Field Supervisor Steve Newcomb  
Senior plant operator Derrick  
Field / plant operator Roger  
Field / plant operator James  
Field / plant operator Travis  
Field / plant operator Baily