Mgr Report, Agenda & Minutes


As required by Section 311, Title 25 of the Oklahoma Statutes, notice is hereby given that the Rural Water District #3 Rogers County of Oklahoma will hold a Regular meeting on June 8th, 2021 at 6:30 o’clock P.M. 

             The video-conference meeting will be held by the use of the ZOOM app.  You may attend the meeting on your computer, laptop, notebook, phone, tablet or other mobile device.  You will need to download the free ZOOM app before entering the meeting, and you will be prompted to do so before attempting to enter the meeting by use of the link listed below.  You should try and download the app in advance of the meeting. Those wishing to attend the meeting may do so by going to:




            Each Board Member of the District’s Board of Directors in attendance will be appearing remotely via the ZOOM app at the videoconference. The District’s Board of Directors consists of the following individuals: Dr Dirk Thomas, Nick Sokolosky, Gary White, Hank Kersey, Larry Mallory, Jason Rhoten, Brant Snap and Dr. Bryan Spriggs. If, during the meeting, it is determined that the audio connection is disconnected, the meeting shall be stopped and reconvened once the audio connection is restored. Additional ZOOM meeting information is listed below on the last page. Before entering the meeting, you will be asked to provide your name.  After entering your name the host will accept you into the meeting.




                              DATE:    June 8th, 2021

                              TIME:     6:30 p.m.

                              PLACE:  District Office, 13277 S. Ash St.

                                                Claremore, Okla.  74017

          ******Meeting will be held with all Board Members attending in person or remotely – via Zoom******


At such meeting the following agenda items will be considered:


Consideration and action relating to:

  2.   Roll Call
  3.             Present
  4.                     Absence with cause shown


  1.  Reading and Approval of minutes of the last regular meeting


  1.    Report of the Secretary/Treasurer
  2. Approval of Accounts Payable
  3. Approval of Treasurer’s Report
  4. Consideration & Approval and/or Rejection of:






  1.    NEW TAPS:

4691      T - Town Homes (L 4 B 3 Hunters Glen II) 23-21-14

9039      Tanya & Joel Pepin (L 8 B 1 Settlers Creek) 36-21-14

9040      Vantage Pointe Homes, LLC (L 3 B 8 Homestead) 27-21-14

9041      Hensely Custom Homes, LLC (L 5 B 1 Hawthorne) 36-21-14

9042      Michael & Beth Smith (L 11 B 1 Highland Pointe II) 2-20-14

9043      Irene Taliaferro (a tr in the NE/4 of 5-20-14)

9044      Edzai & Lizzie Kambiri (a tr of land in the NE/4 of the SE/4 of 14-23-16)

9045      Gary Huneycutt dba Huneycutt Landscape Service LLC

9046      1st Choice Builders (L 4 B 11 Homestead) 27-21-14

9047      1st Choice Builders (L 8 B 5 Homestead) 27-21-14

9048      Art Thomas Haner (The W 219 of the E 438 of the S 198.9 of the SE/4 of the SE.4)


9049      Denham Homes LLC (L 1 B 1 Homestead) 27-21-14

9050      Denham Homes LLC (L 1 B 3 Homestead) 27-21-14

9051      Denham Homes LLC (L 5 B 11 Homestead) 27-21-14




    84       Jonathan & Jadynn Brown from Jason Boyd

                                330       Cody W & Chelsea L Sanford from Alan & Karla Lockhart

  214       Joshua Alvin & Samantha Kuder from Roger Mailler

  464      Misty Jordan from Allen Moody

  855       William G & Alyssa Nicole Coover from M R & Joyce Marone

1006      Ethan & Nancy Mock from Loretta Moody

1152      Barry & Sharon Johnson from David P & Teresa L Wynn

1351      Aleta J Crosby from DiAnne Mallory

2013      Joan Guido Banderas from K S Limke

2473      Jorge F Galvez from Douglas & Rhonda Bennett

2528      Sierra Amanda Shindle from Wayne & Cecelia Cohron

2660      Amanda Cason from Aaron & Ariana Kirkendall

3371      Cody Wayne & Chantil Monique Tice from Collinsville Prop LLC

3509      Chris A & Lisa G Pool from Kimberly A Slauf

4093      Corey & Celine Friesen from Kyle Sprague

4856      Monica M & Matthew S Goeres from Logan & Elisha Wells

5302      Billy Gene Brooks & Michelle Harvey as Co-trustees of the Billy Gene Brooks Rev Trust from    

               Bill & Alma Brooks

5498      The Daviel Taveras & Michelle Escala Revocable Living Trust, dated 4/7/15

5735      Daniel R & Diana M Dye from Ritch A & Margaret Henry

6042      Damon W Phelps from Eric Norton

6077      Casandra & Cody Coffin from Deborah Goeken

6125      Joel J Nevarez from Jeremy J & Mikayla Callison

6545      Marilyn Scheller from Richard & Marilyn Scheller

6653      Braden L & Ashley D Hail from Matthew & Carmin Bieberly

6729      Peak Investment Properties LLC from Michael & Lindsey Pianalto

7244      Haley Luneack from Fred Aaron Alford

7500      Travis M & Megan E Hulse from Hans & Hannah Agarwal

7565      James Wayne & Janet Lynn Kesterson from Kelly E Gates c/o B Gates Est

7611      Joshua L & Leah Q Keltner from Randall & Brandi Shultz Sr

7618      Meng Vang & Mai L Yang from Ghada Kouz

7848      Mario Chantwan & Crystal Dawn White from Brian & Tami Shern

7899      Ulises Moreno from Mario Palafox

8011      George A & Irene Ann Aydelott from Keith & Darla Wilson

8075      David P & Teresa L Wynn from Anthony C & Robin L Pfeiffer

8240      Charlotte White from Victor & Aide Lopez Scott

8325      Dannieli Rae & Douglas Earl Carpenter & Laura M Spickelmier from George & Teresa Garner

8498      Elizabeth & Matthew Weldin from Chris & Colleen Deslongchamp

8466      Billy Harold & Billie Jean Hammer from Rhonda Hill

8557      The Jeff & Stacey Burkinshaw Trust dated June 16, 2009 from Gunther

8608      Christopher S & Kathryn Floyd from Randy & Sara Zellner

8632      John V & Kelly R Tolliver from Kenneth & Rita Glen

8846      Nathan Paul & Yanhoun Cheng Meyer from Shaw Homes

8877      Brett & Lindsay Stone & Denham Homes LLC

8899      Wyatt David & Erika Ryan McClure

8911      Donald L & Renae M Musick from 1st Choice Quality Builders LLC

8913      Jesse M & Teresa Havens from Vantage Pointe Homes LLC

8919      Keith W & Kathryn S Elrod from Executive Homes

8923      Kyle & Miranda Lane from Executive Homes LLC

8932      Kenneth Leroy Williams from Denham Homes

8944      David E & Sarah Kanizer from Executive Homes LLC

8951      Bret & Stephanie Linford from Hensley Custom Homes




  1. Report of District Manager
  2. Consideration and approval and/or rejection of:

                                  MOTION – Transfer from American Bank (CD) to 1st Bank Owasso (MM)

                                  MOTION – Partial Pay #4 – Pay Request - $80,405.39 – Luckinbill

  1.                                     Information Report
  2.                           Monthly Operational Report


  1.       Report of District Engineer



  1.           OLD BUSINESS –


  •         NEW BUSINESS -





                                                                             RURAL WATER DISTRICT #3 -ROGERS COUNTY, OKLAHOMA







               Agenda posted on June 7th ,2021

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