Mgr Report, Agenda & Minutes


As required by Section 311, Title 25 of the Oklahoma Statutes, notice is hereby given that the Rural Water District #3 Rogers County of Oklahoma will hold a Regular meeting on April 13th, 2021 at 6:30 o’clock P.M. 


            The video-conference meeting will be held by the use of the ZOOM app.  You may attend the meeting on your computer, laptop, notebook, phone, tablet or other mobile device.  You will need to download the free ZOOM app before entering the meeting, and you will be prompted to do so before attempting to enter the meeting by use of the link listed below.  You should try and download the app in advance of the meeting. Those wishing to attend the meeting may do so by going to:


            Each Board Member of the District’s Board of Directors in attendance will be appearing remotely via the ZOOM app at the videoconference. The District’s Board of Directors consists of the following individuals: Dr Dirk Thomas, Nick Sokolosky, Gary White, Hank Kersey, Larry Mallory, Jason Rhoten, Brant Snap and Dr. Bryan Spriggs. If, during the meeting, it is determined that the audio connection is disconnected, the meeting shall be stopped and reconvened once the audio connection is restored. Additional ZOOM meeting information is listed below on the last page. Before entering the meeting, you will be asked to provide your name.  After entering your name the host will accept you into the meeting.



DATE:    April 13th, 2021

                              TIME:     6:30 p.m.

                              PLACE:  District Office, 13277 S. Ash St.

                                                Claremore, Okla.  74017

          ******Meeting will be held with all Board Members attending remotely – via Zoom******


At such meeting the following agenda items will be considered:


Consideration and action relating to:

  2.   Roll Call
  3.             Present
  4.                   Absence with cause shown



  1.  Reading and Approval of minutes of the last regular meeting


  1.    Report of the Secretary/Treasurer
  2. Approval of Accounts Payable
  3. Approval of Treasurer’s Report
  4. Consideration & Approval and/or Rejection of:






  1.    NEW TAPS:

4179      Classic Country Homes, Inc (L 1 & 2 B 1 Rawhide Acres II) 30-23-17

5817      Melissa Allensworth (L 6 Foyil Meadows II – NE/4 of NE/4 of SW/4) 32-23-17

9012      Kyle Ladwig (E/2 NW/4 & the W/2 W/2 NE/4) 36-23-16

9013      Robert J & Emily Meade (L 4 B 1 Highland Pointe II) 2-20-14

9014      Stefanie & Jason Flynn (a 10 X 10 on an easement in S/2 of Gov’t Lt 1 serving a tr of land in the

               S/2 of Gov’t Lt 1) 19-22-16

9015      Executive Homes, LLC (L 11 B 3 Deer Run II) 1-20-14

9016      Ron & Marla Lillie (N 432’ of W 250’ of the E 700’ of L 3) 6-21-16

9017      Daniel J & Amanda J Arnette (Tr #14 of Wards Grove) 30-23-17

9018      Andrew & Caselyn Parks (NW/4 NW/4 NW/4 NW/4) 12-23-17

9019      Clarence V Jr & Kim E Boyd (L 13 B 2 Settlers Creek) 36-21-14

9020      Jeff & Kim Losornio (L 37 B 1 The Estates at Pecan Ridge) 1-21-15

                              9021      Executive Homes, LLC (L 7 B 1 Boulder Point II) 31-21-15

                              9022      Executive Homes, LLC (L 6 B 2 Boulder Point II) 31-21-15

                              9023      Richard & Brianne Roepke (L 12 B 5 The Bluffs III) 2-20-14

                              9024      Jeff & Thresia Begley (S/2 S/W4 W/2 of 1-20-14)



  170       Samuel Guild from Danielle Davis

                                463       Ma Del Soccorro & Jose Puga from Mike & Cindee Treat

  655       Becky L & Todd M Carver from Tyler & Cynthia Dolbow

  909       Dana Hamilton & Erik Nelson from John Quinton & Ashley Nicole Taylor

1068      Bradley & Jessica Albin from Lori & Jason Urban

1240      Codie Williams from Kenneth & Cherie Wages

1571      Jeff B & Audrey E Tidwell from Creed & Elizabeth Caldwell

1609      George & Rachel Majors from R & J Ventures Inc

1656      Sheila Gann-Mason from Reggie Anderson

1919      Kara D & Cody T Holbrook from American IRA LLC FBO Myers Barnes

2249      Cheyanne & Ryan Bowman from Heston & Amanda Crutchfield

2281      Eric Haskins from Arlene Pelton

2399      The Culver Family Trust from Nancy Page

2938      Umi Inc from Irisndt

3235      Alyssa & Benjamin Garza from John & Bonnie Chance

3345      Matthew & Melinda Shults from Barbara J Parker

3462      Taylor Lynne & Martin Antonie Calderon Jr from Glyn Ray & Leonnna Schopen

3661      Amber Nicole & Leslie Rasnake from Will & Sarah Bushyhead

3719      Ole & Phyllis Stribling from Edward Bell

4310      Belinda Lee & Bryan Lee Wagner from Tony C Hambrick and Debbie Ann McAlister

4341      Donald Ray & Donna Kay Adams from Linda Harris

4371      The Ronnie Lee & Cheryl D Chaloupek Revocable Trust dated June 6, 1996 from John H


4488      Marla J Weems from L c & Sarah Sinor III

4875      Linda Ward from Anthony & Linda Ward

5555      William S & Carolyn E Willis from Tina R Morgan

5596      Travis Wilson & Chelsea Harper from Megan Enlow & Brett Allen

5619      Courtney R & William Garringer from Ronnie & Angela Cook

5921      Adam Thomas & Sheri Rock from Russell & Erin Kern

5931      Diane & Johnny Richison from Jennifer Kristen and Kenji M Hawkins

6226      Sheri Moran from Nancy A Creel

6312      Amber Dawn Frye from Bobby G Norton Jr

6814      Marshall J Gross from Gerald & Bonnie Gross

7005      Kevin Anderson Bailey from Gary Douglas Martin

7127      Michael R & Kendra Hendren from Alex Phillips

7158      Tyler L & Joni R Collums from Larry & Linda Holden

7392      Timothy & Kalah Danelle Green from Billy K & Carol Derr

7604      Folds of Honor from Sanjay Mesri

7605      Folds of Honor from Paul Sisemore

7606      Folds of Honor from Jack & Nancy Adkinson

7627      House Divided LLC from Payne & Girten Farms LLC

7628      House Divided LLC from Payne & Girten Farms LLC

7702      Christopher & Sarah Thrower from Tanner & Elizabeth Esckler

7758      The John & Cinda Snider Trust from Todd & Kelly Hoofman

8055      Desiree Diane & Darryn Christopher James from Robert & Gena Kourtis

8243      Earnest & Flechia Markita Easter Jr. from Christian Chuckwuezugo Ugwu & Kristie Grissom

8252      Daniel Leon & Lori Beth Oller from Bryan R & Alyse R Tait

8258      Joe Francis Sparks from Dominick & Kathy Palamara

8312      Gabrielle Silva from Codie Williams

8543      Stephen Anthony & Jessica Eyvon Munana from Dalton L Scott

8858      Tyler A & Tarrah M Steen from 1st Choice Builders

8863      Bradley Alan & Pamela Kay Mann from 1st Choice Builders

8882      Jonathon & Karen Woods from Executive Homes, LLC

8884      Norman Russell & Delores Heinen from Executive Homes, LLC

8886      Edwin Gregory & Linda Michelle Lawson from Executive Homes, LLC

8889      Harsimran Jakhar & Sukhmani Sidhu from Executive Homes, LLC

8892      Bonnie & Gerald Gross from Executive Homes, LLC

8898      Kristie Doles-O’Brien & Shawn O’Brien from Dake Properties, Inc

8915      Taylor Summers from New Age Homes, LLC

8945      Brian D Wooten from Executive Homes, LLC

8973      Kerri Beth & Joe Don Henley from Dodson Building Group, Inc

8984      Roy Anthony & Billie LL White from Denham Homes


  1. Report of District Manager
  2. Consideration and approval and/or rejection of:

MOTION – Pay Request No. 2 to Luckinbill, Inc. in the amount of $93,985.06 for work completed on the Bushyhead Water Line and Tower Project.

MOTION – Pay Request No. 5 to Sooner Site Utility and Construction LLC, in the amount of $16,786.50 for work completed on the Lowry Road Water Line Project – Ph II

MOTION – Pay Request No. 6 – Final to Sooner Site Utility and Construction LLC, in the amount of $36,510.00, for the retainage held on the Lowry Road Water Line Project – Phase II

MOTION -  Discussion, consideration and vote to approve Resolution No. 2021-01, a Resolution approving the acquisition by Rogers-3 of certain assets owned by Rural Water District No. 16, Rogers County, Oklahoma (a/k/a, Coyote Hills or Rogers-16), and approving all attachments to the Resolution, including, without limitation, a certain Asset Purchase Agreement and all corresponding documents and exhibits, and approving the annexation by Rogers-3 of the Rogers-16 territory, and authorizing the District's lawyer to proceed with proceedings before the Rogers County Board of County Commissioners and the Oklahoma Water Resources Board, and approving the District's Chairman, lawyer and/or Manager (as the case may be) to execute any and all documents necessary to carry out the intent of this Resolution.  The proposed acquisition of assets and annexation of territory is contingent upon approval by Rogers-16, the Rogers County Board of County Commissioners and the Oklahoma Water Resources Board.


  1.                                     Information Report
  2.                           Monthly Operational Report


  1.    Report of District Engineer



  1.           OLD BUSINESS –


  • NEW BUSINESS – Board Discussion for Zoom Meeting time frame


~ Option #1 – All Board Meetings in Person

~ Option #2 – Quarterly -In Person Board Meetings – February (Annual Meeting), May,                                August and November

                  (Zoom Meetings – March, April; June, July; September, October; December, January)


                                                                       RURAL WATER DISTRICT #3 -ROGERS COUNTY, OKLAHOMA



               Agenda posted on April 12th ,2021

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