Mgr Report, Agenda & Minutes



As required by Section 311, Title 25 of the Oklahoma Statutes, notice is hereby given that the Rural Water District #3 Rogers County of Oklahoma will hold a Regular meeting on September 14th, 2021 at 6:30 o’clock P.M. 

            The video-conference meeting will be held by the use of the ZOOM app.  You may attend the meeting on your computer, laptop, notebook, phone, tablet or other mobile device.  You will need to download the free ZOOM app before entering the meeting, and you will be prompted to do so before attempting to enter the meeting by use of the link listed below.  You should try and download the app in advance of the meeting. Those wishing to attend the meeting may do so by going to:





            Each Board Member of the District’s Board of Directors in attendance will be appearing remotely via the ZOOM app at the videoconference. The District’s Board of Directors consists of the following individuals: Dr Dirk Thomas, Nick Sokolosky, Gary White, John Cates, Larry Mallory, Jason Rhoten, Brant Snap and Dr. Bryan Spriggs. If, during the meeting, it is determined that the audio connection is disconnected, the meeting shall be stopped and reconvened once the audio connection is restored. Additional ZOOM meeting information is listed below on the last page. Before entering the meeting, you will be asked to provide your name.  After entering your name the host will accept you into the meeting.




                              DATE:    September 14th, 2021

                              TIME:     6:30 p.m.

                              PLACE:  District Office, 13277 S. Ash St.

                                                Claremore, Okla.  74017

          ******Meeting will be held with all Board Members attending in person (or remotely – via Zoom******)


At such meeting the following agenda items will be considered:


Consideration and action relating to:

  2.   Roll Call
  3.             Present
  4.                     Absence with cause shown



  1.  Reading and Approval of minutes of the last regular meeting


  1.    Report of the Secretary/Treasurer
  2. Approval of Accounts Payable
  3. Approval of Treasurer’s Report
  4. Consideration & Approval and/or Rejection of:








  1.    NEW TAPS:

6887      Jamie Lynn Turley (L 3 & L 4 B 1 Blue Hills Estates) 25-23-16

7727      Charles M Golden Trustee (W 330 ‘ of S 175.37’ W/2 SW/4 SW/4) 16-23-17

9096      Billy D & Mona C Driver (a tract of land being in the SW/4 NE/4 SW/4) 33-21-14

9097      Executive Homes (L 11 B 3 Presley Hollow) 27-21-14

9098      Executive Homes (L 16 B 6 Presley Hollow) 27-21-14

9099      Executive Homes (L 17 B 10 Presley Hollow) 27-21-14

9100      Executive Homes (L 18 B 10 Presley Hollow) 27-21-14

9101      Executive Homes (L 1 B 11 Presley Hollow) 27-21-14

9102      Executive Homes (L 10 B 12 Presley Hollow) 27-21-14

9103      Thomas S & Kristy D Linehan II (L 3 B 2 Rolling Meadows) 12-21-14

9104      Teresa & Shawn Haynie (a tract of land NE/4 NE/4) 12-23-17

9105      Dale A & Sheree Ronna Schumacher (E/2 NE/4 NW/4 NE/4 of 22-23-17)

9106      HomeScape Construction, LLC (L 38 B 1 Pecan Ridge) 1-21-15

9107      Mark Ray & Dana Dennison (NE/4 SW/4 & E/2 NW/4 SW/4 & S/2 SW/4 of 3-22-16)

9108      Executive Homes (L 5 B 2 Presley Hollow) 27-21-14

9109      Executive Homes (L 7 B 2 Presley Hollow) 27-21-14

9110      Executive Homes (L 19 B 2 Presley Hollow) 27-21-14

9111      Executive Homes (L 1 B 5 Presley Hollow) 27-21-14

9112      1st Choice Builders (L 2 B 2 Deer Run III) 6-20-15




    98       Denny & Nancy Haddox from Chuck Ney

  430       Oscar Rodriguez Alfaro & Olivia Rodrigues from Keith Eggimann

  464       Robert C Lord from Misty Jordan

  476       Green Property Management Inc from Buford & Helen Williams

  574       Daniel Stilwell from Aaron & Amber Lanier

  653       Susan Early from Rodney Osborn 

  836       Larry & Bessie Lawrence from Tom L Peaster

                               1358      Gary L & Martha R Falley from Todd & Julie Sams

                               1415      Adam & Patricia Hartloper from William T Edward Day

                               1439      Michael & Christan Solano from Walter & Susan Sweet

                              1581      Leavin Junior Larios from T J & T Properties LLC

                               1655      Andrew L & Jamie L Proffitt from Walter & Susan Sweet

                              2314      Heavenly Father’s Properties, LLC from Charles & Phyllis Locker

                              2404      Andrea N Martinez Ponce from Dennis & Shelley Mosler

                              2508      Larry & Bessie Lawrence from Tom L Peaster

                              2638      Crystal & Casey Couturier from Zach & Avery Shrum

                              2895      Tamra & Jamey Ollar from David & Donna Berryhill

                              3417      Randy Santos from U S Bank National Assoc

                              3525      Britney Epperson from Phyllis & Rebecca Sheofee

                              3704      Scott Clark & Diana Joy Glatfelder from Alfred L Hendrix

                              4454      Dr & Cs Wetherington from Kenneth Doll

                              4709      Brad S & Wendy J Young from Hugh & Gaylene Anglin

                              4929      Charles Williams from Jo Bronn

                              4946      CF KL Assets 2021-1 LLC from Ray & Sandra Sweeney

                              4954      Jerry M & Betty D Brown from Galen Webb

                              5230      Andrew James & Carlyn Casey Copley from Zachary & Lucy Thomas

                              5282      Emily Jean & Mason Haidle from Neil H & Rebecca A Stamper

                              5392      Nicole Kelly & Michael William Langston from Michael & Laura Hucker

5676      C & M Holdings LLC -Fleming Advisors LLC from Country Records Inc

5822      Paveena Yang from Craig & Sheila Alstatt

5882      Daniel & Kendra Bickford from Matt & Gina Place

6078      Asia Lee from Richard & Carlet Dombrovski

6137      Zachary Taylor & Brandy Coffee from Brittany Young






                              6397      Jessica Christina & Spencer Douglas Stevens from Kenny O’Grady

                              6627      James E & Roxann D Lampmann from Jarrod & Kim Sanders

                              6975      Amy Close from David & Amy Close

                              7061      Nathan & Jessica Keyes from Jarrin & Katie Jackson

                              7083      The Douglas Family Trust from Janette McNeal IRA V Trust

                              7137      David & Kendel Stocker from Leon Walker

                              7276      Jonathan W & Ashley N Banfield from Mitchell & Julianne Clark

                              7685      Dustin & Chelsey Smith from Gary Tremel

                              7709      Preston Peter & Ashley Aronson from Tony & Lori Fitch

                              7715      Derik & Krystle Vaughan from Nicholas Dodwell

                              7766      Christopher S & Heidi K Diesel from Timothy S & Jami Posey

                              7792      Carl L Moore from Randall & Jean Hamlett

                              7796      Andrew A & Nicole M Wright from Matthew C & Amber D Colaw

                              7829      Bennie & Paul L Helfenbien from Jonathon Long

                              7923      Jimmy Kay & Ruth Kay Lohrenz from John & Diana Freeman

                              8060      River Skinner & Daish Vaca from Dean & Sandra Pullen

                              8268      Cassandra Jean & Matthiew Paul Haynes from Loren D Lewis

                              8512      Travis K & Twilla R Summers from Landmark Homes

                              8688      Brent D & Shawna M Keith from Sean W & Kristina D Daugherty

                              8870      Kyle & Alexa Miller from Brewster & Co Inc

                              8890      James & Leah Knight from Executive Homes LLC

                              8891      Kathrine Ann & Billy E Rozell Jr from Executive Homes LLC

                              8893      Amey Hunter Gordon & Ray Gordon Jr from Executive Homes LLC

                              8904      Stephanie & Lance Kimberling from Landmark Homes

                              8912      Bryan K & Tamara Jarrett from Vantage Point Homes

                              8914      Alishia M & Matthew A Klynstra from Vantage Pointe Homes LLC

                              8968      Kenny Joe & Brandi Marie Payton from Executives Homes LLC

                              8998      Carlos & Anavel Cornejo from Executive Homes LLC

                              9000      Larinda L & Cameron S Johnson from MAS Construction LLC

                              9022      Peyton S Sanders from Executive Homes LLC

                              9031      Allen F Underwood from New Age Homes LLC



  1. Report of District Manager
  2. Consideration and approval and/or rejection of:

MOTION -  Final Acceptance – Ranch at Caney River – Ph I Water Lines by RWD #3 Rogers Board of Directors, pending final payment and bonds.

MOTION –  District policy on COVID/Quarantine

MOTION –  Resignation Letter – Hank Kersey

MOTION –  Nomination to fill the position of Treasurer for the Board of Directors


  1.                                     Information Report
  2.                           Monthly Operational Report


  1.     Report of District Engineer



  1.           OLD BUSINESS –


  •         NEW BUSINESS -



                                                                             RURAL WATER DISTRICT #3 -ROGERS COUNTY, OKLAHOMA









               Agenda posted on September 13th ,2021

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