Mgr Report, Agenda & Minutes



As required by Section 311, Title 25 of the Oklahoma Statutes, notice is hereby given that the Rural Water District #3 Rogers County of Oklahoma will hold a Regular meeting on November 10th, 2020 at 6:30 o’clock P.M. 




            The video-conference meeting will be held by the use of the ZOOM app.  You may attend the meeting on your computer, laptop, notebook, phone, tablet or other mobile device.  You will need to download the free ZOOM app before entering the meeting, and you will be prompted to do so before attempting to enter the meeting by use of the link listed below.  You should try and download the app in advance of the meeting. Those wishing to attend the meeting may do so by going to:





            Each Board Member of the District’s Board of Directors in attendance will be appearing remotely via the ZOOM app at the videoconference. The District’s Board of Directors consists of the following individuals: Brant Snap, Dr. Bryan Spriggs, Nick Sokolosky, Dr. Dirk Thomas, Hank Kersey, Larry Mallory, Bob Morton, Gary White. If, during the meeting, it is determined that the audio connection is disconnected, the meeting shall be stopped and reconvened once the audio connection is restored. Additional ZOOM meeting information is listed below on the last page. Before entering the meeting, you will be asked to provide your name.  After entering your name the host will accept you into the meeting.




                              DATE:    November 10th, 2020

                              TIME:     6:30 p.m.

                              PLACE:  District Office, 13277 S. Ash St.

                                                Claremore, Okla.  74017

          ******Meeting will be held with all Board Members attending remotely – via Zoom******


At such meeting the following agenda items will be considered:


Consideration and action relating to:

  2.   Roll Call
  3.             Present
  4.                   Absence with cause shown


  1.  Reading and Approval of minutes of the last regular meeting


  1.    Report of the Secretary/Treasurer
  2. Approval of Accounts Payable
  3. Approval of Treasurer’s Report
  4. Consideration & Approval and/or Rejection of:






  1.    NEW TAPS:

                8938      Stacey Holdings, LLC (L 5 B 5 Bluffs III) 1 & 2- 20-14

               8939      Drew M & Tayla Fleck (L 29 B 1 Highland Point II) 2-20-14

               8940      Curtis P & Heather M McCain (L10 B 1 Highland Point II) 2-20-14

               8941      Regan Morgans (a part of Gov’t L 3) 19-22-16

               8942      Executive Homes LLC (L 1 B 4 Boulder Point II) 6-21-15

               8943      Executive Homes LLC (L 12 B 2 Boulder Point II) 6-21-15

               8944      Executive Homes, LLC (L 1 B 6 Deer Run II) 6-21-15

               8945      Executive Homes LLC (L 1 B 2 Deer Run III) 6-20-15

               8946      Executive Homes LLC (L 1 B 3 Deer Run III) 6-20-15

               8947      Rocky Kime (L 6 B 7 Ponderosa) 6-22-16

               8948      Bravo Construction & Dev LLC (L 4 B 8 Homestead) 27-21-14

               8949      The Reid & Alissa Adams Trust (L 45 B 1 Highland Point I) 2-20-14

               8950      Dillon & Brooke Evans (L 8 B 6 Rolling Meadows) 12-21-14              

               8951      Hensley Custom Homes (L 2 B 2 of Hawthorne I) 36-21-14

               8952      Shari Lynn Steele & Thad Landon Bergstrom (NW/4 NW/4 of NW/4 of 11-23-17)

               8953      Archie C & Neva A Remington (E/2 W/2 SE/4 of 36-23-17)

               8954      Thomas A & Kimberly A Edinger (L 8 B 3 Cedar Springs) 31-22-16

               8955      Eugene Goetz & Shannon Freeman (L 23 B 1 Pecan Ridge Place) 1-21-15

               8956      Executive Homes, LLC (L 5 B 1 Boulder Pointe II) 31-21-15

               8957      Executive Homes, LLC (L 2 B 4 Boulder Pointe II) 31-21-15

               8958      1st Choice Builders (L 2 B 3 Deer Run II) 1-20-14

               8959      Hensley Custom Homes, LLC (L 4 B 2 Deer Run II) 1-20-14

               8960      Si Yang (a tr of land situated in a portion of NW/4 of NW/4 of 23-23-16)



  394       John II & Samantha L Sarosy from Timothy F Miller

  875       Jack & Frances Lee Lewis from Marla K Homes

1029      John M & Melinda L Olsen from K Ruffin & G Langston

1401      Ty & Barbara Cruze from Benjamin & Evelyn Carlson

1515      Joshua Ryan Sherman & Amanda Vohjesus from Tony Vohjesus

2384      Shawn Jon & Gayle Marie McKinnon from Jeffery L & Karen Jo McMurphy

3293      Elly Corine Towns & Vernon Oliver Guess from Ronald & Debra Benight

3305      Ryan A Heiskell from Andrew & Sarah Baker

3677      Kong Yang & Shillbe Lor from Erma Mink

4192      William G & Rhonda S Wright from Wilsey House 2 Home LLC

4289      Justin & Daisy Crenshaw from James & Daretha Bell

4345      Ira S & Donna J Bowen from Johnny & Melissa Wade

4356      Danica & Jordan Norman from Brannon & Jenny Wolfe

4372      Gregg M & Shelby K Johnson from Ashley Hopkins

4403      Michael Lee & Michelle McGonigal from Andrew & Hope Walker

4527      Dave J & Connie L Poppell from C Longxiong & N Yang

4574      Heather Ann & Jonathan David Bunn from Don T & Billie J Eustice Estate

4814      E J & Luz Dake from Daris Stimson

4924      The Sharron K Nelson Revocable Trust from Oliver & Taylar Odle

5036      Randall Jay Sr & Brandi Kay Shultz from Steve L Truitt

5083      Alejandro Yanes Hernandez & Lilla Zamora Cabrera from Steven Frazier & Paige Oberhammer

5355      Toby D & Gretchen A Wood from Peter A & Barbara Petrillo

5731      The Donald C & Amy S Livingston Revocable Living Trust from Korey Martin

6253      Ollie & Beulah Gilliam from D D Stimson

6454      Douglas & Deborah K Loy from Cyle Carter

6506      Bailey L & Kyle A Clark from Isaac Allen & April Leanne Eckman

6897      Nathan & Phelisha Bolton from Jason & Rose Bolton

7088      Amelia Grace & Dwight David Sullivan Jr. from Roy & Vera Parcell

7155      Michael E Rodriquez & Stephanie D Hurd from David & Karen Blakemore

7164      Mark & Renee Leggett from Federal National Mortgage Association

7197      Amy Danielle Hogan from Shirley A Rosengrants

7444      Christopher Frazier from Stan Frazier

7448      Eric B & Lucinda A Hall from David & Angela Meadows

7527      Christopher A Reiswig from Peter & Anne Mathew

7753      Sean & Rebecca Redd from Travis & Tiffanie Primeaux

7756      Brittany & Mark A Ringle from Danny & Holly Delozier

7764      Chaves Godinez & Dora N Quinones from Garrett & Danielle Mehrens

7897      Chris Scott from Benjamin & Rachel Short

7903      James Truman & Karen Kay Morris from Stacey McMahan

8233      Rebekah K Jochmans from K Foster & K Wages

8245      Darren H & Randi N Lunow from Samantha L Hansen

8288      Justin A & Julia Smith-Pittman from Dirk Catron

8360      Eric & Lori Jones from Dennis L Knapp

8411      Loyd D & Doreen P Furr from E J Dake

8442      Kyle Joseph Townsend from Gina Lindsey Luginbill

8743      Jacob Mark & Kourtney Allison O’Neal from Executive Homes LLC

8761      Katelyn B Robison from Hayes Custom Homes LLC

8781      Adam Lee & Brooke N Salvoni from Denham Homes LLC

8791      Courtney R & Sean Arthur Garner from Executive Homes

8806      Harry W Whitenight from Vantage Pointe Homes

8828      Michael D & Johanna J Moody from Hensley Custom Homes

8843      Michael S & Donita J Shaw from Executive Homes

8848      Renato R & Melina T Ochoa from Shaw Homes

8879      Trent & Mary Sherwood from Denham Homes, LLC


  1. Report of District Manager
  2. Consideration and approval and/or rejection of:

MOTION – Preliminary approval to K & S Development for a development, McKnight Farms at Preston Lakes, of 127 lots in a part of the SE/4 of section 22, township 21N, range14E;subject to the Engineer’s approval and standard District requirements.

MOTION – Award Bushyhead Waterline and Tower Project, Grant No.17528 CDBG 19, to Luckinbill, Inc in the amount $434,982.60, pending District Policies & Procedures.  

MOTION – Request to rescind motion/action taken at the October Board meeting to rescind approval of Payment #11-Final Pay Request to Ira M Green Construction Company, Inc in the amount of $223,616.00

MOTION - Request to rescind motion/action taken at the October Board meeting to rescind approval of Change Order #1 to Ira M Green Construction Company, Inc in the amount of $(15,750.00)

MOTION – REVISED Change Order #1 in the amount of $17,079.00 to Ira M Green Construction to the 2018 SH-20 Water Line Relocation Project.

MOTION – REVISED Pay Request #11-Final Pay Request in the amount $256,545.00 to Ira M Green Construction.  Note: District’s portion to be paid separately and ODOT portion to be paid once District receives payment from ODOT. ($197,539.65) ($59,005.35)


  1.                                    Information Report
  2.                          Monthly Operational Report


  1.       Report of District Engineer
  2.           OLD BUSINESS –


  2. Discussion, consideration and possible action on holding an Executive Session to discuss holiday bonuses, evaluation, wage reviews, promotions and rases for all employees; all pursuant to 25 O. S. section 307 (B) (1)
  4. Discussion, consideration and possible vote on matters discussed in Executive Session in agenda item IV above.



                                                                             RURAL WATER DISTRICT #3 -ROGERS COUNTY, OKLAHOMA









               Agenda posted on November 9th, 2020      

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