RWD 3 Voluntary, Precautionary Boil Advisory



Water System Name:  Rural Water Dist #3, Rogers County Public Water Supply ID: OK  1021513

Due to a main water line break near the Tacora Water Treatment Plant in the water system and the potential for contamination as a result of this situation, the drinking water supplied by RWD

#3, Rogers County may be unsafe for human consumption. As a precaution, it is advised that the consumers of this water system bring the water to a full, rolling boil for at least one minute before drinking, consumption, food preparation, baby formula preparation, dish washing, tooth brushing, ice making, wound care, and bathing infants who may ingest bath water. Alternatively, bottled water or another acceptable water source may be used.

Comments: This affects the entire portion of the District supplied by the Tacora Water Treatment Plant. The plant is located at the south end of Oologah Lake. From that feed point ALL the areas toward Foyil, east to the Mayes county line.  South to Lowry Road, and west up Keetonville Hill along Highway 20 all the way to Henri-Edda Subdivision at 177th Ave. and everything north of Highway 20 within the boundaries of RWD #3, Rogers County.

This advisory  will  remain  in effect  until  further  notice.  Questions  concerning  this  situation  should  be addressed to Rick Stull, District Manager or Steve Newcomb, Plant/Field Supervisor at 918-341-0851.

Address of the PWS:  13277 S. Ash St.

Claremore, OK  74017 County: Rogers

Further general information can be found on the DEQ website:

To view a map of the affected area, please click here.